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Wireless Microphone Systems

Microphones have become an important instrument in the music industry, in particular the wireless microphone. Whether it is recording music, playing a live concert or simply speaking in a larger area, this innovative audio product has changed the music world infinitely.

The History of Wireless Audio Equipment

Although it is not 100% clear who invented the wireless microphone, they started circulating during the mid 20th century. Due to a sudden rise in the technology and wireless devices being used at a number of different occasions, no one was really credited with the invention itself.

After being used for stadium events such as baseball games and live shows, Shure invented what they called the ‘first wireless microphone for performers’, named the “Vagabond”.   

3 Years later in 1958, Sennheiser, one of the most recognized names in microphone technology, exhibited a wireless microphone system. Since then, a number of other large audio brands have created systems with similar technology such as Sony, DPA and Beyerdynamic.

How does a wireless microphone work?

A wireless microphone is exactly that; a microphone that instead of using wires uses a small radio transmitter to transmit a sound to an external sound system such as a speaker or amplifier. The battery-powered device sends radio waves to the receiving unit, which then sends the resulting waves through a cable to the external source i.e. a loudspeaker.

The main advantage is the portability of the device. As long as it is kept within range of the receiving unit, the microphone can be carried around with the user wherever they please. They have become an essential piece of equipment in attractions such as zoos and parties, due to the lack of wiring, which ensures health and safety measures are followed.

Mics at Pro Audio Systems

We stock some of the best wireless microphone systems available on the market. Whether you are looking for the best in sound quality and design, or a cheaper alternative, we have a wide range to choose from. We stock brands such as Sennheiser, DPA and Shure, ensuring you are guaranteed a top quality item.

We also sell audio equipment from recognized brands such as Audio Technica and AKG, who produce the wireless microphone system in its entirety.

For further information about any of our microphones, the components needed to set up a wireless system, or details on any of our other products, call 0845 166752 or complete an enquiry form.