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Hire / Installations

What Else Do We Do?

Apart from being one of the UK's favourite resellers of all things pro-audio, we also have dedicated teams for installing and hiring not just sound systems, but also multimedia and digital signage systems.

Our installations department work in an amazing array of different projects - airports, shops, schools, factories, offices, houses of worship, anywhere that requires the ability to deliver high-quality speech and / or music throughout a given space. In addition, as part of the Blynk Group, they can offer a complete range of AV systems integration solutions.

Our hire department has a whole warehouse full of pro-audio goodies. Mixing consoles,  microphones, loudspeakers (from boot-of-the-car size to full-blown festival PA systems), wireless systems, amplifiers, FX and processing of every kind is available at very reasonable rental prices and for any period. Their speciality is wireless systems - a huge recent investment in Sennheiser wireless kit has given them one of the biggest inventories north of Birmingham, and they are also expert in frequency planning.

You can see some of our projects by clicking HERE.

Our job is to make your job easier - for anything pro-audio, call the friendly professionals at Pro Audio Systems.