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Roland M-5000C
Roland M-5000C Roland M-5000C Roland M-5000C Roland M-5000C Roland M-5000C Roland M-5000C Roland M-5000C Roland M-5000C

Roland M-5000C

  • Demo's now available - Call 0845 166 7525 for a Free Demo!
  • Uses the same O.H.R.C.A (Open High Resolution Configurable Architecture) platform as the M-5000
  • Delivers 128 freely definable audio paths
  • Delivers expandable protocols and multi-format I/O choices
  • Supports Dante, MADI, Waves Sound Grid, and REAC audio protocols
  • Measure under 30-in (74cm) in width and weighing 32kg

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Product Description


"A new era in Live Audio Mixing"

OHRCA (pronounced ñor-caî) brings adaptability to the world of live audio mixing. It conforms to the needs of both the application and the operator by delivering 128 freely definable audio paths, expandable protocols, multi-format I/O choices, and flexible user interface and workflow - all delivered at a pristine 24-bit / 96kHz sound quality.

ñOpen" refers to the consoleÍs ability to adapt to many different formats of inputs, outputs, and protocols. This not only includes the large variety of Roland digital snakes already in the lineup but also protocols, such as Dante, MADI, Waves SoundGrid, additional REAC ports, and other formats and solutions to come.

ñHigh Resolutionî refers firstly to everything running at 96kHz _ end to end. All of the Roland Pro A/V peripherals have been 96kHz-capable from the start. From the preamps running high-end 24-bit AD/DA converters to all the carefully selected components and processors, you can be guaranteed pristine sound that is noticeably better.

ñConfigurable Architectureî is the consoleÍs ability to adapt to the application - allowing you to essentially ñbuildî the mixer you need. How many input channels? How many auxiliary buses, groups, matrices? All of the elements that are typically fixed in most mixers are flexible with OHRCA. How you work with faders, buttons, and knobs and screen are also adaptable to how you are used to working already.

Product Features

  • 128 freely definable audio paths unlock a new realm of flexibility - The Roland M-5000 console's internal mix architecture is not fixed and can be freely defined within a range of up to 128 input/output channels/busses. This allows you to essentially "build" a console structure based on the immediate needs of the application. This makes for a console that accommodates high levels of flexibility for precise response to dynamically changing applications and venues.
  • Numerous audio networks and I/O needs - Expansion options including Dante, MADI, Waves SoundGrid, REAC, XI-SDI, XI- SFP and XI-DVI open the door to endless configurations, applications and emerging standards.
  • Input and output options galore - Up to 300 inputs and 296 outputs (and more at 48kHz) are managed in separate patchbays. Any input can be patched to any or multiple outputs, including control* of gain and phantom power, without having to be patched through a mixing channel. OHRCA makes it possible to control an enormous number of input and output channels across multiple protocols and formats.
  • Maintain perfect sound - It starts with a high sampling rate of 96kHz. The discrete circuitry was precisely designed with careful component selection and circuit architecture, separation of analog and digital sound modules, 72-bit linear summing circuit, and more.
  • A flexible and versatile user interface - The concept behind the interface is "freedomî - accommodating the individual workflow of the engineer to the greatest extent possible.

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