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  • Drawmer SL22 Sound Level Limiter

    • Limited speaker and headphone outputs 
    • Once installed and calibrated completely eliminates the possibility of ’unauthorised’ volume levels 
    • No sound quality loss even during protection processing 
    • Large LED level indication for ’at a glance’ monitoring of signals and warnings 
    • Time delay relays on outputs for clean power up/down 
    • Fast, simple installation 
    • Tamper-proof plate limits access to settings 
    • A security label is supplied to further secure the calibration settings and show evidence of tampering 
    • Tamper-Proof bracket (available separately) to lock-in the XLRs and conform to Local Authority regulations. 
    • External control of Dim and Mute for connection to Fire Alarms or remote operation 
    • Trigger output when in PROTECT mode Logging inputs for both ALERT and PROTECT statuses
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    RRP: £562.80

    Our Price: £469.00

  • Drawmer SP2120 Speaker Protector

    • Key Holder access only
    • Takes only minutes to install
    • Dual 16 segment Left/Right bargraphs for ‘at a glance’ level metering
    • ‘Protection’ processing 16 segment bargraph display
    • No sound quality loss even during heavy protection processing
    • Eliminates sound system abuse and the resulting cost of chassis speaker re-cones, HF diaphragm replacements and amplifier repairs
    • Isolation transformer output option
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    RRP: £598.80

    Our Price: £499.00

2 Item(s)

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