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PA System

If you are looking for high quality PA Systems at affordable prices in Leeds, look no further than Pro Audio Systems. We stock a number of public address systems from brands such as MiPro and Yamaha, with a wide range of products to suit you.

The history of PA Systems

A PA System has a simple objective: supplying a means of communication to large number of people. Public address systems consist of a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker. Connected, they can project sound loud enough to be heard at stadiums, sporting events and airports.

The original PA system was invented in the early 1900’s by Edwin Jensen and Peter Pridham. Using a carbon microphone and a loudspeaker, they produced a sound that could be heard up to a mile away. This technology was then used for the first time in a public place in San Francisco City Hall.

Other forms of PA systems include Tannoy systems, sound reinforcement systems and intercoms.

PA systems in Leeds & Bradford

Public address systems are used to provide information to a large number of people. Although it may not have crossed your mind, you are sure to have heard a PA system somewhere in Leeds and Bradford city centers.

The train and bus stations use a PA system to speak to the public and announce details of transport, including Bradford Interchange and Leeds Station.  They are also used in the local stadiums such as Elland Road, the First Direct Arena and Valley Parade. Other locations you will find a PA system are the White Rose shopping center, the Alhambra Theatre and Leeds Metropolitan University.

Pro Audio stock a number of different PA systems to ensure we have the product for you. For further information about our PA systems, contact us on 0845 166 752 or fill in an enquiry form.