York-based Rebecca Newman is very much the rising star in the world of classical music, whose 2014 album ‘Dare To Dream’ made history when it made Rebecca the first self-released soprano to score a number one in the UK Classical Albums Chart.

Prior to this she had sold in excess of 15,000 albums as an independent artist, headlined her own successful UK tour, appeared extensively on television and radio and performed with classical stars including Aled Jones and Russell Watson. From the beginning of March until early July she joins Russell Watson on his ‘Up Close And Personal’ tour, taking in over 50 theatres around the UK, an opportunity for even more fans of classical music to hear 
her wonderful voice and enjoy her down to earth approach.

Rebecca chooses to own her own wireless microphone system, not least so that she can select the combination of components that best reproduce her powerful and distinctive voice. Ahead of her forthcoming tour she felt the time was right to review her equipment choices and approached Pro Audio Systems with a request to try some alternatives.

Naturally PAS were delighted to assist and arranged a test session where several different microphone capsules from various manufacturers were given a thorough workout by Rebecca, through an evaluation system comprising Meyer Sound loudspeakers, the latest Sennheiser wireless equipment and a Yamaha digital mixing console provided by PAS at their Bradford base. The results of the test were pretty conclusive, coming down heavily in favour of the DPA D:Facto Sennheiser Head, but PAS arranged for Rebecca to take it to a tour rehearsal so that she could evaluate it in much more realistic circumstances.

The tour rehearsal confirmed the initial results and Rebecca is now the proud owner of one of the best vocal wireless systems money can buy, the quality and road-worthiness of which will serve her well for many years to come. She said, ‘Having a microphone you can rely on in any situation makes an enormous difference to your performance as a singer. It gives you the confidence to use your voice exactly as you would when singing unamplified, in a room with fantastic acoustics. It means you can give the audience your best performance. The staff members at Pro Audio Systems were incredibly patient, thorough and knowledgeable, giving me the time to make the right right decision. I am extremely happy with the DPA D:Facto, it’s a fantastic mic and I love using it’.

Pro Audio Systems’ Dave Simpson said, ‘Working with Rebecca was a real treat for us, she’s obviously a star in her own right but so professional and ready to take advice. It was also really interesting for us to hear this equipment in this environment and with such a powerful performer – a part of the job we really enjoy and something we don’t get to do every day. As well as the obvious benefits to us, the immediate advantage to Rebecca was to allow her to make an informed and confident choice.’



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