Professional theatre is often a hostile environment for performer microphones, and Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre has just invested in the very latest technology to meet these challenges. A long-time DPA user, the theatre has upgraded from their 4066s to the new D:Fine model, supplied by Pro Audio Systems.

Matthew Weeks of the Royal Court said, ‘We use the headsets for our principal cast on any in-house or incoming productions. These range from musicals and musical comedies to Shakespeare, one man comedy events and variety performances. We were originally using the 4066's which have been great, but as with anything they have their weaknesses and unfortunately we were starting to get breakages on cables. This meant that we had to have enough stock to cover ourselves, and if anything went wrong during a show we would have to then swap out the entire mic and either send the broken one for repair or do it ourselves - ultimately we had quite a number of 4066's with heat shrink in one or more places’.

He continued, ‘We recently used our new D-Fine models on a production of ‘Down Our Street’ which went extremely well - we had the odd occasion where the new design of ear hook took some getting used to for the cast but all in all they worked well. We’ve also decided to use the Audio-Technica to MicroDot adapters now which means that our radio systems are much more versatile and it’s faster to replace anything if there’s a problem’.

He concluded, ‘The new D-Fine models also worked out cheaper than the 4066's (apart from buying the new adapters), and we know that if a cable breaks it can be replaced faster and cheaper than before. So far they are proving to be durable and we haven't had a problem with sweating out yet’.

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