Slung Low are about as different from ‘traditional’ theatre as it’s possible to get. Freed from the constraints of a proscenium space (though many of their shows do use conventional performance spaces), their aim is ‘…to make unlikely, ambitious and original adventures for audiences, each with powerful, moving story at its heart. Shows that re-examine how audiences go and see a piece of theatre. Our ambition has always been to transport our audience to new places and to make them see familiar places from new perspectives’. 

Their free-thinking approach has led them to create theatrical events in places as apparently unlikely as Shipley Swimming Pool, a Bradford warehouse and a working men’s club. The constantly-changing locations of their productions often places unusual demands on the technical infrastructures necessary to bring them to an audience and the audio part is no exception.

Part of the recent delivery was a suite of Sennheiser Evolution-series wireless systems, now staples in theatre-world. The robust nature of many of Slung Low’s performances demands a slightly different approach to the accompanying headset mics as these can be quite vulnerable, and so Slung Low added to their existing inventory of Audio Technica BP892 units, originally recommended by PAS for their combination of audio quality, durability and reasonable cost.

The theatre had originally specified a different digital mixing console, but following a demo of the Allen & Heath QU16 they revisited their decision in its favour. Chief Technician Matt Angove was already familiar with the A&H control surfaces but the clincher was the QU16s ability to provide a multitrack recording output via its USB interface.

Matt Angove from Slung Low said, ‘We have been developing the delivery process for these shows over the years and when we started using headphone technology, we used entry level equipment but soon outgrew it. With research and conversation with Pro Audio, we ended up using Sennheiser G3 radio systems and Audio Technica BP892 headsets as a matter of habit, as they delivered our stories with ease on the ear and on the eye.’ ‘

‘Always looking forward, and seeing how we could push the system further, the integration of a digital desk for our biggest and latest show, ‘The White Whale’, the Allen and Heath QU16 provided enhancements to the system that enriched the audience’s experience as well as gave me a much greater tool box to play with when creating the show. For a show that involved a floating set, that emerges from underneath a canal, revolve and involves boat chases on the canal itself, equipment that was trusted and that I could rely on was essential. Pro Audio were, as ever, only too happy to help, from the initial questions I posed through to the delivery of the kit and I will certainly use them again when the system gets it’s next upgrade!’

The images that follow are from Slung Low’s recent production of ‘The White Whale’.