Meyer Sound and Pro Audio Systems recently joined forces to present the European  debut of the ‘Quick System Setup And Alignment’ seminar at the Alhambra theatre in Bradford.

Presented by Miguel Lourtie of Meyer Sound with technical support from Pro Audio Systems, the event was attended by around forty delegates from many backgrounds, all of whom took part in the very interactive event. Designed to highlight the key fundamentals of modern sound system deployment, the event focused on practical solutions for optimising audio as well as providing a refresher course in some key principles of acoustics and applicable physics.

A Meyer Sound Mina system with 500-HP subwoofers plus MAPP Online and various other Meyer Sound, Midas and Sennheiser products from Pro Audio System’s inventory were used for the event.

Miguel Lourtie said, ‘It was a pleasure and delight to find such a professional setup and a huge crowd. I’m looking forward to doing another seminar with Pro Audio Systems soon!’.

Positive feedback from the delegates was immediate and plentiful, the most common comment referring to the opportunity to acquire and then apply practical knowledge in a real-world environment.

Brian Lumb, Pro Audio Systems MD said, ‘Events like this are what sets Meyer Sound apart in my opinion. Their investment in education is a huge part of their success and for us to partner with them in presenting events like this is really exciting and worthwhile for us and our business. We will certainly be extending our educational partnership with Meyer Sound in future’.

Meyer Seminar 2012