As well as being the most comprehensive (and friendliest) pro-audio sales operation in the north, you may not know that our company also has a huge stock of audio gear for hire - in fact we’ve been the No1 PA hire company in Bradford and the surrounding region since 1988.

We can hire you all the audio equipment you need for any kind of event that requires sound reinforcement, from a school play setup to a main-stage festival sound system. We can supply kit to augment your existing systems, or supply complete setups depending on what you already have, and what you need to do.

We have a huge stock of microphones, specialising particularly in wireless microphone and IEM equipment, including frequency planning and licensing to make sure multi-channel systems avoid interference and are fully legal. We can provide both active and passive loudspeakers for all applications, plus amplifiers, analogue and digital mixing consoles, and outboard gear including equalisers, reverbs, processors, gates, compressors and various portable recording equipment.

Our inventory also includes all the cables and multicores you’ll ever need, as well as stands, cases, lighting, staging and theatre / stage sets - you can get everything you’ll need for your event from under one roof.

With world-leading brands such as Meyer Sound, Yamaha, Midas, Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica, Klark Teknik, Logic, K&M and Denon, you can also rest assured that show will sound great and the system will be reliable.

Our hire department works just like the sales team in that the most important part of any job is listening - always gaining a working understanding of your project, however small or large, before making any recommendations.

Best of all, the cost for all this gear and expertise is usually a lot less than you might think - call or email us today and let us show you why we’re the North’s favourite pro-audio sales, hire and installation company!

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