Here at Pro Audio Systems we understand that sound is subjective and the only way to really find out if a piece of equipment is right for you is to hear it. That's why we recently loaned a customer 3 DPA mics to try on his classical guitar, so that he could make an informed decision and choose the mic best for him.
The following is a review he wrote for us following the extensive evaluation of the 4099G, the 2011C and the 4011A.
It must be stressed that, as in so many things, the evaluation of sound is extremely subjective and beauty is very much in the ear of the beholder. This subjectivity is extended by the many variables beyond simple preference including the instrument itself, the test surroundings, the amplifier, the style of playing and much else. 
DPA make some of the world's finest microphones and helping clients find the one that is exactly right for them is just part of the service we strive to deliver. The thing to remember is that the one that's right for you may not be the same, for any number of reasons, as the one chosen by this particular client. Having said that we are indebted to him for taking the time to make such careful comparisons in his own selection process and also to allow us to reproduce them here.
I'm a classical guitarist that plays in small venues for friends and family.  I have a very high quality classical guitar and wanted to amplify it as naturally as possible.  I use a Schertler Unico acoustic amp which is very neutral.  I tried three DPA microphones, 4099G, 2011A&C and 4011A&C and finally decided on the 4011A despite its significant price premium to the others.  

4099G - a lovely microphone if you are standing and moving but really works best from a fixed 20-30cm distance.  Since the gooseneck doesn't go this far it there is too much proximity effect in the bass frequencies when the mic is clipped on. In addition, the gooseneck gets in the way of playing certain pieces.  As a classical guitarist I'm sat down so there was no advantage to having the clip on versus a microphone on a stand.  Also as a super cardioid it is very directionally dependent and so picks up the strings very well but less so the overall resonance of the instrument.  To get the overall resonance of a classical you need to mic from further away.  All in all, the wrong mic for my classical guitar.

2011 A&C - sonically way better than the 4099G - for a classical guitar no comparison really.  However they are designed to be relatively warm in tonal colourI suppose to hide musical flaws one might have.  The warmth, while being nice, took away some of the clarity and musicality of my instrumentI tried both the C (compact) and A.  For a classical guitar, which doesn't generate very loud volume there's no audible difference between the A&C.  The A has more headroom according to the specs so if one was going to use the mic for other purposes one might go for the A just in case.  In addition, I prefer a longer mic length to a short one since I'm not trying to hide the mic so again I'd go for the A.

4011A&C - Twice the price of the 2011 but in fact more than twice as good.  The clarity and preciseness of sound reproduction is amazingIt is quite sensitive to distance positioning.  I.e it is is optimised to be 30cm away where you get totally natural overall balance and clarity.  Nearer, you get a little bass proximity effect but thats a good thing and allows you to adjust tone by adjusting proximity.  I've read some reviews that say it's too naturalI think that is not the case and is more a factor of the sound source.  If you amplify too well a poor sound source it will of course highlight those inadequacies.  If you have a great sound source then its only gets better with the 4011.  Regards A&C choice, the comments for the 2011 apply since they are the same pre-amp modules.  The 4011A I chose I use with the Schelter Unico set with no equalisation at all - it sounds wonderful.

All in all go with the 2011 if you have a moderate quality classical guitar.  If you have a high quality classical guitar, concert grade I suppose, then the 4011 is without question the better choice.

- Albert May, April 2014