Got a few old and battered lavalier or headset mics at the bottom of your kit box?

Here’s the perfect opportunity to turn them back into brand new DPA Bodyworn microphones. Trade in any lavalier or headset mics from the list below, like for like, and receive up to £60 off the list price of DPA d:fine™ Headsets or up to £40 off the list price of DPA d:screet™ Lavalier mics.

What are DPA Bodyworn Mics?

“Bodyworn” refers to any products in DPA’s d:screet™ or d:fine™ ranges of microphones that are attached to the body or clothing of the subject. For example the new DPA d:screet™ Slim microphone, well known 4060 and 4061 miniature lavs, and d:fine™ Omni Headset microphones are all Bodyworn mics.

Accepted Trade-in mics:

  • Sony: ECM77, ECM88
  • Countryman: H6, Isomax, B6, B3, EMW, B2D
  • Sennheiser: HSP2, HSP4, MKE1, MKE2
  • Sanken: COS-11

This offer is valid through Friday 22nd of April and applies to functional mics only, on a one-for-one basis.

Please contact our sales team on 0845 166 7525 for a customised quotation.

In the meantime, you can view our DPA d:fine offerings here and our DPA d:screet range here.