When you purchase an audio system from us, we will always start by providing unbiased advice, in order to guide you through the thousands of available products. This way you’ll be far more likely to arrive at a system which will do the required job. However, the service doesn’t end there.

One of the supplementary services we provide is that of specifying, supplying and building racks for clients, so that we can deliver complete bespoke solutions regardless of the type of project. We'll work with clients to decide where everything goes for maximum user-friendliness, and also implement items like inter-rack and external system connections. Depending on use we can supply everything from full touring-spec shockmount racks to lightweight ABS plastic systems and normally we will also build-in complete AC mains wiring, so the entire rack is powered via a single cable.

Every job is different, as you can see from the examples on this page, but we have the experience to handle anything you can throw at us - call us today!'

Pro Audio Systems rack builds