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Drawmer 1960 Tube Compressor / Mic pre-amp

Drawmer 1960 Tube Compressor / Mic pre-amp

  • The Compressor: soft knee typerequiring few controls.

  • The Threshold range is continuously variable between infinity and -24dB

  • The attack and release times are switchable

  • Attack : slow, medium and fast

  • Release has six settings.

  • Make-up amplification follows the compressor section giving a range of +20dB.

  • The VU meters may be switched to monitor either the amount of gain reduction taking place or the output signal level

  • Side chain access points may be used to patch in equalisers to enable the compressor to act as a de-esser.

  • The by-pass switch offers a choice of Normal. By-pass and Side Chain Listen modes

  • Balanced microphone and line inputs on the rear of the unit

  • Auxiliary input on the front panel gives direct access for guitars or electronic instruments.

  • Equalization is provided along with sufficient gain to overload the tube pre-amp for sustain effects.

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Product Description


There is little doubt in the minds of many engineers and producers that vacuum tubes possess a unique sound quality providing a warmer, more alive sound. Combining eight active tube stages and the low noise and reliability of solid state electronics, the Drawmer 1960 provides the ultimate direct interface between the sound source and the recording medium.

The Drawmer 1960 is a two channel unit with each channel comprised of a completely natural sounding soft knee vacuum tube compressor and an extremely low noise microphone pre-amplifier with switchable 48 volt phantom power. A further auxiliary instrument pre-amp with EQ is also provided. This powerful combination of the classic valve circuit, offering unsurpassed tonality, and the low noise balanced microphone input with up to 60dB of gain has allowed engineers throughout the world to exploit the full potential of high performance condenser microphones.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Drawmer
Item Condition New
Market Sector Theatre, Live Sound, Recording Studio
Dynamics Type Compression
Analogue input count / connections 2
Analogue output count / connections 2
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 482 x 2U x 250
Controls Attack, Release, Stereo link, Threshold

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