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DPA d:vote™ 4099 Touring Kit Winter Deals

DPA d:vote™ 4099 Touring Kit Winter Deals 2016

DPA has launched an excellent offer on their d:vote 4099 Touring Kits – both the 4-mic Kit and the 10-mic Kit – which makes it the ideal time to add to your collection of the brilliant d:vote 4099 Instrument Mics. These offers run from Dec 1st until 13th Jan 2017.

DPA d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphone

Deal #1: d:vote™ 4099 10-Mic Touring Kit   

Deal #2: d:vote™ 4099 4-Mic Touring Kit   

Purchase a DPA d:vote 10-Mic Touring Kit (Classic or Rock) and not only will you get 10 awesome d:vote 4099 instrument mics and 25 mic clips, you also get the awesome d:dicate™ 2011C Cardioid Mic absolutely free – a great studio & live condenser worth £525 Ex VAT!

Buy a DPA d:vote™ 4-Mic Touring Kit (Classic or Rock) and get £75 off the price (ex Vat) PLUS get their three latest instrument mic clips free in addition: the CM4099 Clamp Mount, SM4099 Stand Mount and AC4099 Accordion Clip, for a total saving of £150 ex Vat!

DPA d:vote 4099 10-Mic Touring Kit 2011C Free

DPA d:vote 4099 4-Mic Touring Kit Free Clips Save £150

The DPA d:vote™ 4099 Touring Kits

The DPA d:vote™ 4099 Touring Kits offer 4-Mic and 10-Mic kits in either lo- or hi-sens varieties, referred to as “Classic” (hi-sens) and “Rock” (lo-sens) versions. The kits come with the mics packaged in individual zip pouches and include cables, XLR adapters and a host of instrument clips all packed in a sturdy Peli™ case for safe transport. Find out more below:

    DPA d:vote Classic Touring Kit 10-piece
    DPA d:vote Rock 10 Touring Mic Kit
    DPA VO4-Classic Touring Mic Kit
    DPA VO4-Rock Touring Mic Kit

    DPA d:vote™
    Classic Touring 10-Mic Kit   

    DPA d:vote™
    Rock Touring Mic Kit, 10-Piece   

    DPA d:vote™
    VO4-Classic Touring Mic Kit   

    DPA d:vote™
    VO4-Rock Touring Mic Kit    

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