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Shure Microphones

Pro Audio Systems is an Official Shure Pro Audio Reseller

Most famous for iconic products like the SM58 and SM57, Shure’s influence on microphone design is profound, with their products seen on virtually every stage globally. 

Pro Audio Systems are very proud to announce their appointment as one of a small number of official UK resellers for Shure products.

Although we have dealt in and used their products for many years, Shure have recently carried out a major restructuring of their UK dealer network. The primary purpose of this exercise was to ensure that everyone responsible for representing Shure products is suitably qualified to do so - in practice this means that all Shure dealers are competent to advise and support customers both technically and operationally for all products.

Our background in recommending, supplying and supporting pro-audio products to an enormous variety of clients over the last 26 years is what gives us the resources and knowledge to meet Shure’s requirements, and we are delighted to have been selected as one of a few highly professional companies who meet their high standards.