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Dangerous Music

Dangerous Music

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  • Dangerous Music 2-BUS+

    16x2 Summing Mixer with Harmonics, Paralimit & X-former

    • 16 channels of the world’s best active analog summing, that even surpasses the original.
    • Three distinctive analog color options: Harmonics, Paralimit and X-Former.
    • Effortless routing and blending of analog color circuits via elegant user interface.
    • Switchable stereo analog insert for easy outboard gear integration.
    • Massive sounds, sacrificing no detail.
    • Crystal clear sonic imaging and three-dimensionality.
    • Endless headroom for modern digital signal levels.
    • Stepped output gain control for exact recalls.
    • Both XLR and D-Sub input connectivity.
    • Audiophile-grade components throughout.
    • Hand-assembled in the USA.
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    Our Price: £3,078.00

  • Dangerous Music 2-Bus LT

    Active Analog Summing Mixer

    • Hand built in the USA.
    • Active analog summing circuits by renowned designer Chris Muth.
    • Crystal clear stereo imaging.
    • Ample headroom to handle today’s DACs (+27 dBu max input level).
    • Effortless outboard gear integration.
    • Full expandable with 2-BUS+, 2-BUS LT, and D-BOX
    • DB-25 Connectors
    • 1 rack space
    • External switching PSU (+/-15VDC)
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    Our Price: £1,554.00

  • RRP: £2460.00

    Our Price: £2,460.00

  • Dangerous Music BAX EQ

    Stereo Baxandall Shelving Equaliser

    • Unique Design Based on the bass-treble tone control EQ.
    • Ultra-high quality components.
    • Stepped controls throughout for accuracy and repeatability.
    • Broad Q-shelving for a natural, open transparent sound.
    • 7-position phase coherent high-pass and low-pass filters on relays.
    • 8-position high- and low-frequency selection.
    • 5dB cut and boost controls in 1/2dB step for precise control.
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    Our Price: £2,552.00

  • Dangerous Music Compressor

    Stereo VCA Compressor

    • Elegant, easy-to-use design with an uncompromising audio circuit by legendary designer Chris Muth.
    • Unique Smart Dynamics dual-slope detector handles transient peaks without ducking the average level, making modern compression levels easier to achieve and totally transparent.
    • Auto Attack/Release – achieve excellent results with just the threshold and makeup gain settings.
    • Two audiophile-grade internal sidechain eq settings.
    • Hard and soft knee slope selection.
    • External sidechain routing.
    • Audiophile-grade VCAs for controlling levels without artifacts.
    • Stepped ratio settings from 1:1 to 20:1.
    • Multiple meter modes.
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    Our Price: £2,995.00

  • Our Price: £2,649.00

  • Our Price: £3,745.00

  • Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+

    4x2 USB AD/DA Converter

    Adjustable Sample Rate lets you cycle through 6 sample rates for universal compatibility with other devices

    • Selectable Calibration Level cycles through three calibration levels for compatibility with other devices
    • Toggle between two discrete, selectable stereo inputs with two switchable stereo input paths
    • Clip Guard will turn off the red light LED at your destination (i.e. DAW)
    • Premium custom crafted digital meter with Normal and Peak Hold modes provides precise visual feedback
    • Zoom view lets you view only the top 10dB of your signal level, for a finer, magnified resolution
    • Word Clock with three Modes: Internal, External and Master
    • X-FORMER insert button engages some of Chris Muth’s sonic wizardry via a pair of customized HAMMOND™ transformers
    • EMPHASIS shelving EQ/Compressor induces 2nd order harmonic distortion to blend in a bit of mid warmth and sparkle
    • USB connection for Mac/PC
    • Comprehensive I/O
      • Two switchable stereo input paths
      • Dual AES Outputs
      • ADAT Optical Output
      • SPDIF Optical Output
      • SPDIF COAX output
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    Our Price: £2,754.00

  • Dangerous Music D-BOX

    Combination Summing and Monitoring System.

    • Hand-built in the USA.
    • Transparent monitoring from a meticulous Chris Muth design.
    • 8 Channels of unmatched analog summing.
    • Reference-grade digital-to-analog conversion.
    • Enormous headroom, big soundstage, and superior sonic imaging.
    • Two crystal clear 20-watt/channel headphone amplifiers.
    • Accepts both professional (+4dBu) and commercial (-10dBV) analog signals.
    • Select between two sets of monitors.
    • Full talkback functionality with on-board mic.
    • Effortless outboard gear integration.
    • Expand your summing path with 2-BUS+ or 2-BUS LT
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    Our Price: £1,565.00

  • Dangerous Music LIAISON

    Recall Your Analog Patches Instantly

    • Hand built in the USA.
    • Audiophile-grade components throughout.
    • Chris Muth designed analog circuits.
    • Six stereo insert loops with true-bypass.
    • Two independent stereo busses.
    • Parallel processing loop on Buss B.
    • Four monitor outputs for pre- and post-insert monitoring of both busses.
    • Instant A/B comparisons in the analog realm.
    • Four onboard memory slots for instant recall of patches.
    • Seamless integration with the Dangerous MASTER or another LIAISON.
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    Our Price: £2,645.00

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