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Audio Technica ATW-49SP Active Antenna Splitter Kit

Audio Technica ATW-49SP Active Antenna Splitter Kit

  • Two one-input, two-output Active Antenna Splitters

  • Four 18” BNC-to-BNC RG 58 coaxial antenna cables

  • Two BNC-to-BNC barrel adapters

  • One set of Active Antenna Splitters enables one set of antennas to feed wireless receivers of different frequency bands

  • Each Active Antenna Splitter is a broadband device (440 to 900 MHz) that splits an incoming RF signal into two identical outgoing RF signals

  • Active Antenna Splitter provides unity gain: there is no RF signal loss from the original antenna signal

  • Designed for use with Audio-Technica 4000 and 5000 Series UHF wireless receivers and ATW-A49 LPDA antennas

  • Wide-band operation is compatible with any UHF wireless microphone system within 440 to 900 MHz.

  • Antenna combiners are active and capable of passing power to active in-line antennas, boosters, etc.

  • Also suitable for use with a variety of other receivers and antennas

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The Audio-Technica ATW-49SP Wide-Band Antenna Splitter Kit is designed to split the signal of two wide-band antennas and send two identical outgoing RF signals to wireless receivers of different frequency bands. The Antenna Splitter Kit includes two active antenna combiners with one antenna input and two outputs. Also included are four BNC-to-BNC antenna cables measuring 18-inches in length and two BNC-to-BNC barrel connectors.

A wide-band UHF antenna such as the ATW-A49 LPDA "paddle" antenna can be connected to a single splitter. With two antenna splitters included in this kit, signal from two wide-band antennas may be split four ways to feed two UHF receivers or distribution systems. Wide-band operation enables a broad RF operating range between 440 to 900 MHz, making the kit an ideal tool for most UHF wireless microphone systems. The active splitters are capable of sending power to active antennas, boosters, etc.

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